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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a lesson?

Lessons can be for 1 hour, 11/2 hours or 2 hours. It's up to you. Some driving schools quote lesson prices for a 50 minute lesson. All my prices are for a full hour.

Can I have more than one lesson a week?

Yes, I will fit you in for as many lessons as you require.

Do you charge more for weekend and evening lessons?

No, I believe that all our clients are offered the same lesson price no matter what time of the day or day of the week they have their lessons.

How many lessons will I need?

We are all different, so there is no easy answer to this question. The DVSA say that on average it takes 45 hours of professional training to pass the driving test. In practice some people take less and some more than this.

I will give you the training you need, but I certainly won’t persuade you to do more if it’s not necessary. I will encourage you, where possible, to practice between lessons with an experienced family member.

I'm really nervous about learning to drive, how will you help me?

I know how you feel! Everyone is nervous the first time they get into the driving seat of a car so we will try and help you relax as much as possible.

A lot of time and effort goes into planning each lesson and the routes we use ensure you are never in a situation which you cannot deal with. I will never shout at you and we are prepared to go over things as many times as needed in order to help you become a safe and confident driver.

All our cars are fully comprehensively insured and fitted with dual controls.

Will I pass my practical driving test first time?

I cannot guarantee that you will pass first time; I certainly hope that you will.  I will provide you with all the tools needed but on the day it is down to you and how you cope in a test situation.

How will I know if I am ready to take my practical driving test?

You will be ready to take your practical driving test when you can demonstrate that you can drive consistently well, with confidence and without assistance or guidance. If you can’t do this all the time you’re not ready to take your test.  We will make this decision together and book your practical driving test taking into account local test centre waiting times, this ensures that you won’t take the test too early or have more lessons than are necessary.

How much is to hire a car for the practical driving test?

The practical driving test is the cost of your normal two hour booking rate. I'll pick you up one hour before the test and help you to "warm up" and help you overcome any last minute nerves. The driving test will last approximately 35-40 minutes with the final 20 minutes completing the paper work for your full drivers licence and then of course driving you home!

Can I book one of your cars at short notice for a driving test?

I don't lend my cars to anyone I haven't seen drive before so if you haven’t learnt with me, you would need to book in for a lesson before your test so we can assess your driving.  Booking this assessment drive does not guarantee that we will take you to the test, please see our booking terms for more details.

Why do you sit in the back during my driving test?

There are a few reasons for this,

  1. It enables me to see firsthand what routes are used and how the examiners mark. This means that during your lessons leading up to your test I can give you accurate information as to what will be asked of you on the day. It also enables me to give you mock tests which are exactly like the real thing.

  2. If you're not successful first time and do not understand the feedback given by the examiner then I can advise you as we'll have seen exactly what happened. If needed we'll take you straight back to the place where the fault occurred to talk you through it and help you to understand better what happened.

  3. If you are not happy with any aspect of the test or you feel the examiner was unfair then I can help you to put this point across.



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